Hello I’m Jason. I’m 48yrs and I live in Rudyard in Staffordshire. I’m married to Becky and have 2 teenage daughters. I love sport, mountains, snow and Guinness. I don’t like blame, people that moan or take themselves too seriously, yellow cars, or business jargon (we won’t be taking any helicopter views of anything).

Prior to starting my own business in Jan 2018, I spent nearly 10 years as Managing Director of Cottage Delight Ltd, introducing professional business techniques & behaviours to a long established family company with more than 150 employees.

  • Business planning and objective setting (people had clarity on what was expected and were made accountable).
  • Clear and simple business reporting.
  • Senior leadership team who set direction, reviewed performance and made decisions.
  • A culture based around teamwork and no blame.

In 2016 I oversaw the multi-million pound sale of the business to a large multi-national food group. Having a clear and robust business plan was an essential part of making this happen.